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Liturgical Vestments

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Katreen Bettencourt

and Dirk Master Collection

Meyer•Vogelpohl has created one of the finest contemporary and traditional collections in America. These vestments are unique in both artistic design and quality of craftsmanship. Original designs are hand-embroidered, appliquéd and handwoven on canvases of wools and silks thus elevating vesture to an art form.

The majority of chasubles in the MV collections are available with a matching cope, humeral veil, mitre, overlay stole, dalmatic, deacon stole, chalice veil, burse, funeral pall and paraments. Realizing that the beauty of these vestments cannot be fully appreciated until the fabrics are touched, the drape and movement assessed and the vestments viewed within the context of your worship space, we would be happy to send you any vestments we have in stock for inspection. Fabric swatches are also available for most vestments.

Meyer•Vogelpohl welcomes custom commissions for vestments and tapestries; restores hand or machine embroidery, vestments, canopies and tapestries; and purchases handwoven vestments and hand-embroidered ornamentation.

Funeral appointments and matching sets are available for many of these vestments.

Vestment Hanger

Made especially for Meyer•Vogelpohl, these beechwood hangers are 1/2" thick, 23 1/4" wide, and have a metal stole bridge.

MVH40S     $32.00    

MVH41S     $33.25    

Parament Hangers

These parament hangers are made of beech wood and provides perfect options for hanging chasubles, dalmatics or copes. All hangers fold to provide a space-saving solution while not in use. Adjustable to the respective form of your parament.

Parament Hangers
KNF01Chasuble HangerRoman/Fiddle back Chasuble Hanger$205.00
KNFC11Hanger CoverCotton Protective Cover$37.25
KNCD02Chasuble HangerChasuble/Dalmatic Hanger$245.00
KNCDC12Protective CoverCotton Protective Cover$85.00
KNC03Cope HangerCope/Conical Hanger$310.00
KNCC13Protective CoverCotton Protective Cover$106.50

Vestment Covers

When you travel or just need to protect your vestments from dust and dirt, we have the right cover or bag to satisfy your needs.

Vestment Cover
$20.25 Buy

Clergy Travel Bag
$45.50 Buy

Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.