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Cavanagh Altar Bread

Baked in the United States of flour and water, most breads are available in both whole wheat and white flours. SPECIAL OFFER FOR STANDING ORDERS: When you place a "standing order" (where you automatically receive your altar breads on a monthly, bi-monthly, or a quarterly basis) special discounts apply. To receive these discounts, please call us at 1-800-543-0264. We will be happy to assist you.

Mass Host
$13.50 Buy

Communion Host
$9.55 Buy

Communion Host
$11.85 Buy

Communion Host
$15.50 Buy

Communion Host
$12.40 Buy

Gluten Free Communion Bread
$12.00 Buy

Item #92 Low Gluten
$12.20 Buy

Communion Host
$17.45 Buy

Special Design Communion Host
$13.00 Buy

Mass Host
$6.00 Buy

Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.