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Cross of Erin, Eximious Paschal

Eximious 51% Beeswax candles are made-to-order, mastercrafted with the finest beeswax formulation and each candle is an individual work of art. Candle shipping charges are based on weight and may differ from price quoted on web order.
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PASCCCERIN102-1/2""D, 60""L, Size 10 $264.00
PASCCCERIN113""D, 48""L, Size 11 $335.00
PASCCCERIN153""D, 60""L, Size 15 $402.00
PASCCCERIN15s3-1/2""D, 48""L, Size 15s $402.00
PASCCCERIN184""D, 42""L, Size 18 $579.00
PASCCCERIN203-1/2""D, 62""L, Size 20 $507.00
PASCCCERIN254""D, 60""L, Size 25 $726.00
PASCCCERIN41-15/16""D, 39""L, Size 4 $126.00
PASCCCERIN4s2-1/16""D, 36""L, Size 4s $126.00
PASCCCERIN52-1/16""D, 42""L, Size 5 $153.00
PASCCCERIN5-22""D, 44""L, Size 5-2 $153.00
PASCCCERIN62-3/16""D, 48""L, Size 6 $178.00
PASCCCERIN6s2-1/2""D, 36""L, Size 6s $178.00
PASCCCERIN72-1/4""D, 48""L Size 7 $216.00
PASCCCERIN82-3/8""D, 52""L, Size 8 $230.00
PASCCCERIN8s2-1/2""D, 48""L, Size 8s $230.00
PASCCCERIN93""D, 36""L, Size 9 $253.00

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