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Swiss Nativity Collection

Village characters and other folk from the Bernese Oberland were the inspiration and models used for the oldest, most extensive and most popular of the nativity scenes from Brienz, Switzerland. Over the years, oriental kings, their followers and exotic animals were added to create a lively mixture of Christmas figures combining east and west.

These figures were designed in 1915 and today are still hand carved in basswood and painted from the original models. New figures and animals are always being added to this set. The average size carving is 5" (14 cm.) tall and sold individually. Other figures, animals and stables are available, but not shown. Call for information (1-800-543-0264).

This extensive Swiss masterpiece collection is truly worthy of passing from generation to generation.

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Mary at prayer

Mary kneeling

Christ Child

Christ Child

St. Joseph

St. Joseph

King Kaspar

King Melchior

King Balthasar

King Balthasar

Standing Angel

Child angel

Sitting child

Shepherd boy

African boy

Shepherd with dog

Camel driver

Shepherd w lamb

Laying ox

Laying ass

Sheep walking

Sheep with head turned

Pair of sheep

Lamb standing

Lamb Grazing

Lamb laying

Dog sitting




Nativity stable

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