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Palms for Palm Sunday

The freshest, cut and trimmed palms packed in airtight bags. Altar decorations come 4 palm fronds per bag. Mediterranean processional fans come with the stem (natural handle) intact and are approximately 16”-18” in length and are packed 8 fronds per bag. Please order your palms no later than March 3, 2020 to ensure timely delivery. Quantity discount available for large and short palms. Please call 800-543-0264. Click here to see arrangement suggestions and instructions.
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PCROSS Hand folded crosses made of real palms measuring 5"x3". Bag of 25. $20.75
PDATEDate Palm Altar Decoration, 4 per bag $15.20
PFANFan Leaf Altar Decoration, 4 per bag $15.45
PLARGELarge Palm Strips, 100 per package, 24"-36" $12.70
PMEDMediterranean Processional Fan, 8 per bag $24.00
PSHORTSmall Palm Strips, 100 per package, 13"-20" $12.45

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Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.