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MV Sacramental Oil Burner™

The new MV Sacramental Oil Burner™ is designed out of heavy gauge aluminum with a matching aluminum wick holder and a wick especially made for burning olive oil. Our MV Sacramental Oil Burner™ is available in either a 4" diameter size or a 7" diameter size. These burners are ideal for use as candles near the tabernacle; in devotional spaces; reconciliation chapels; during evening prayer or other prayer services; near the Book of the Names of the Dead or the book of intercessions. They could also function as an environmental element for R.C.I.A. catechetical sessions or for Children's Liturgy of the Word. Oil blessed or consecrated and no longer used for sacramental purposes is most appropriately and reverently disposed of through burning. However, unlike lamp oil, olive oil will not burn in a typical oil lamp. After extensive research, we have developed an aesthetic, yet functional, oil burner that will enable parishes to burn excess oil that has become outdated. Each MV Sacramental Oil Burner™ includes the burner, wick holder and a package of 60 non-reusable wicks.

Designed for Meyer•Vogelpohl by David Camele

MV880MV Sacramental Oil Burner 11/2" tall, 4" diameter, 3 hour burn time$162.50
MV885MV Sacramental Oil Burner 1 3/4" tall, 7" diameter, 8 hour burn time$205.50
MV888Wicks - package of 60 $3.90

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