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Long Burning 51% Beeswax Candles: Self-fitting End

Cathedral Brand Guaranteed and stamped 51% Beeswax candles are expertly crafted using only the finest pure natural beeswax for longer, cleaner and more dependable burning performance. SELF-FITTING END Candle shipping charges based on weight and may differ from price quoted on web order.
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51F3-SFE"1""d, 12-1/2""L, F3, 18 Per Box" $77.60
51Med6-SFE"25/32""d, 10-1/4""L, Medium 6: 36 Per Box" $77.60
51SH1-SFE"1-1/4""d, 24-/4""L, Short 1: 6 Per Box" $73.15
51SH2-1-SFE"1""d, 19""L, Short 2-1""dia: 12 Per Box" $77.60
51SH2-SFE"1-1/16""d, 16-3/4""L, Short 2: 12 Per Box" $77.60
51SH3-SFE"7/8""d, 16""L, Short 3, 18 Per Box" $74.45
51SH4-SFE"7/8""d, 12""L, Short 4: 24 Per Box" $74.45
51SH6-SFE"7/8""d, 8""L, Short 6: 36 Per Box" $74.45
51SPEC2-SFE"1-1/8""d, 15""L, Special 2: 12 Per Box" $77.60
51SPEC3-SFE"1-1/8""d, 10-1/2""L, Special 3: 18 Per Box" $77.60

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