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Bronze Censer, Boat and Stand

This solid bronze censer and boat are available in high polish, satin polish or gold finish, while the stand can be purchased with either high or stain polish. The stand which measures 50" tall and has a 9" base.
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K188PBRSolid bronze in high polish 50" tall, 9" base$635.00
K188SBRSolid bronze in satin polish 50" tall, 9" base$535.00
K601GPBRSolid bronze in bright gold with single chain 9" tall, bowl 4 1/2"$760.00
K601PBRSolid bronze high polish with single chain 9" tall, bowl 4 1/2"$560.00
K601SBRSolid bronze in satin finish with single chain 9" tall, bowl 4 1/2"$470.00

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