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Brass Followers Bove Style

These attractive, polished brass followers will compliment traditional and contemporary altar themes. They are specifcally designed for eah chandle size to ensure clean, efficient burning.
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FolBove1"7/8"" $18.00
FolBove10a"2-1/4"" $65.05
FolBove10b"2-1/2"" $82.90
FolBove11"2-3/4"" $88.00
FolBove12"3"" $104.80
FolBove13"3-1/2"" $175.20
FolBove2"1"" $20.00
FolBove3"1-1/16"" $22.30
FolBove4"1-1/8"" $28.55
FolBove5"1-1/4"" $30.80
FolBove6"1-1/2"" $36.25
FolBove7"1-3/4"" $44.15
FolBove8a"1-15/16"" $49.40
FolBove8b"2"" $49.40
FolBove8c"2-1/16"" $53.10

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