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Embroidered Fish and Loaves

Available in grey, white and gold embroidery
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7321aComplete set grey$175.00
7321bChalice Pall grey7"x7"$62.00
7321cPurificator grey20"x12"$47.00
7321dCorporal grey20"x20"$59.00
7321eLavabo Towel grey20"x12"$27.00
7321fComplete Set white$175.00
7321gChalice Pall white7"x7"$62.00
7321hPurificator white20"x12"$47.00
7321iCorporal white20"x20"$59.00
7321jLavabo Towel white20"x12"$27.00
7321kComplete Set gold$175.00
7321lChalice Pall gold7"x7"$62.00
7321mPurificator gold20"x12"$47.00
7321nCorporal gold20"x20"$59.00
7321oLavabo Towel gold20"x12"$27.00

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