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Angels on Watch

Twelve angels comprise the original series of prints taken from original works of art painted on papyrus grown and dried by the artist. A soft, harmonious palette of colors is the unifying element while each month is distinguished by a specific angel and verse. Framed prints no longer available.>

Rooted in a tradition of Celtic and Byzantine art, these angels are unique in their appeal to collectors as well as for birthday, anniversary, or baptismal gifts. ONLY THE MONTHS LISTED BELOW ARE AVAILABLE. PRINTS ONLY ($8.00 EACH) MAY BE PURCHASED FOR ALL MONTHS EXCEPT JANUARY. CALL 1-800-543-0264 TO ORDER.(See verses at bottom.)

#5311 January - Gabriel

#5411 February - Barchiel

#5511 March - Machidiel

#5711 May - Ambriel

#5811 June - Muriel

#5911 July - Vershiel

#6011 August - Hamaliel

#6111 September - Uriel

#6211 October - Barbiel

#6311 November - Adnachiel

#6411 December - Hanael

6011August - Hamaliel $35.00
7131February – Barchiel Print Only$8.00
7132March – Machidiel, Print Only$8.00
7133April – Asmodel, Print Only$8.00
7134May – Ambriel, Print Only$8.00
7135June – Muriel, Print Only$8.00
7136July – Verchiel, Print Only$8.00
7137August – Hamaliel, Print Only$8.00
7138September – Uriel, Print Only$8.00
7139October – Barbiel, Print Only$8.00
7140November – Adnachiel, Print Only$8.00
7141December – Hanael, Print Only$8.00

"January-Gabriel"... He is the bearer of great news, but his main duty is to foster all the humanity. With great strength (that of God) and a love rarely found on earth he brings us all a sense of security. His name means "Hero of God" and rightly so.

"February-Barchiel"... She is the promoter of peace. It is her job to see that peace and tranquility prevail no matter what the obstacle.

"March-Machidiel"... She guards over us and brings us happiness on our darkest days. With her fiery red hair and her rosy cheeks, just thinking of her brings a smile to anyone's face.

"April-Asmodel"... She is the bearer of the great news of rebirth. The lily that she carries is a constant reminder of God's forgiveness and love.

"May-Ambriel"... She is the guardian of God's garden - the Earth. She brings us happiness in a gentle way through the buds and blossom of spring.

"June-Muriel"... She is the guardian of the Word. With a gentle voice, she speaks God's laws and God's love.

"July-Vershiel"... His duty is to guard all the creatures of the land. From the mouse to the lion, he watches over them and protects them from harm.

"August-Hamaliel" ... He brings joy to all humanity through the gift of song. With a beautiful tenor voice, he soothes even the most troubled heart.

"September-Uriel"... He is seated south of the throne of God. Uriel's main duty is to help us to better understand the knowledge of God. His name means "Light of God."

"October-Barbiel"... She is the guardian of the seas. Through a great knowledge of lakes, oceans, rivers and streams, she guards all the creatures that dwell in the waters of the world.

"November-Adnachiel"... She guards the creatures that fly. From the great eagle to the common fly, she watches over those that dwell in the sky.

"December-Hanael"... Her job is to watch over all the mothers of the world and to protect them from harm. Her love is experienced at the time of our birth. Throughout our lives, she guards us as her own.

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