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White Crucifixion

White Crucifixion represents a turning point for Marc Chagall: it was the beginning of a series of paintings that feature the image of Christ as a Jewish martyr and call attention to the persecution and suffering of European Jews during the 1930s. Chagall stresses the Jewish identity of Jesus by using a prayer shawl to replace the traditional loincloth and a head cloth in place of the crown of thorns. Also, rather than depicting the traditional angels surrounding Jesus, he uses biblical figures dressed in traditional Jewish garments and either side of the cross the devastation caused by hatred of the Jewish people can be seen. With this piece Chagall identifies the Nazis with Christ’s tormentors and warns of the moral consequences of their actions.

2646a35½˝ wide x 35½˝ tall, $1,380.00
2646b47¼˝ wide x 47¼˝ tall$2,160.00

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