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This corpus is carved in linden wood and is available either painted in traditional colors or stained in shades of brown (shown). Also available in colored fiberglass. Wide range of sizes available. Please call for details.

0217BAPBaptismal font with stainless steal bow. 36" tall, 30" square at top. Bowl is $1,100.00
0217MV-1Satin Finish brass follower for 1" candle, original price $29.70$14.85
0217MV-2High polish brass follower for 1 1/4" candle, original price $33.00$16.50
0217MV-4Satin Finish brass follower for 1 1/" candle, 3 available, original price $30.80$15.40
0217MV-5Satin Finish brass follower for 1 3/4" candle, original price $61.60$30.80
0217MV-6High polish brass follower for 1 3/4" candle original price $61.60$30.80
217-a 3' tall$3,720.00
217-b 4' tall$5,550.00
217-c 5' tall$7,620.00
217-d 6' tallCall

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Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.