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Fiberglass Nativity Set

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This Nativity Set is made up of eighteen figures, with Joseph and other standing figures either 24, 30, 36, 48, or 60 inches tall. They are hand painted, full round and cast in fiberglass from the original woodcarvings. The size of this set allows for the beauty of the carved details to show with clarity. They can be shown from either a floor location or a raised area. This popular traditional set is comprised of the Holy Family, a Gloria Angel, the Three Wise Men, three Shepherds, a Camel Driver, a Donkey (in repose), an Ox (in repose), a Camel (in repose), two Sheep and two Lambs. If more information is needed, please call us at 1-800-543-0264 during regular EST business hours. Prices includes 10% surcharge due to value of dollar against the Euro.
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1902aHoly Family 24" $2,040.00
1902a1Complete Set 24" tallCall
1902bHoly Family 30" tall$2,880.00
1902cComplete Set 30" tallCall
1902dHoly Family 36" tall$4,330.00
1902eComplete Set 36" tallCall
1902fHoly Family 48" tall$6,540.00
1902gComplete Set 48" tallCall
1902hHoly Family 60" tall$9,930.00
1902iComplete Set 60" tallCall

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