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Madonna with child

Carved in linden wood and hand-painted, available in a variety of sizes and finishes, shown in color, all sizes are approximate.

151a 11" tall, Colored$267.00
151b 15" tall, Colored$549.00
151c 24" tall, Colored$1,425.00
151d 32" tall, Colored$2,444.00
151e 47" tall, Colored$6,150.00
151f 59" tall, Colored$11,250.00
151g 71" tall, Colored$15,450.00
151h 84" tall, ColoredCall
151i 11" tall, Natural Wood$170.00
151j 15" tall, Natural Wood$375.00
151k 24" tall, Natural Wood$894.00
151l 32" tall, Natural Wood$1,680.00
151m 47" tall, Natural Wood$4,710.00
151n 59" tall, Natural Wood$9,120.00
151o 71" tall, Natural Wood$12,282.00
151p 84" tall, Natural WoodCall

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