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Formal Portrait of Pope Francis I

Formal Portrait of Pope Francis I. Available in various sizes with Gold or Fruitwood Frame and optional matte. Shown matted with Gold Frame.

101-8370Gold frame9.5”x11.5$19.00
200-8370Fruitwood frame9.5”x11.5$19.00
232-9043MFruitwood frame, 11"X14" print matted 19"x23"$80.00
411-9043MGold frame, 11X14 print matted 19"X23"$80.00
556-8370MGold frame, 8x10 print matted 13"x16"$50.00
556-9043Gold frame13"x16"$33.00
701-8370MFruitwood frame, 8"X10" print matted 13"X16"$50.00
701-9043Fruitwood frame13"x16"$33.00

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