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MV Ceremonial Binders and Folders

Ceremonial BindersOur exclusive MV ceremonial binders and folders are ideal for many liturgical uses including general intercessions, homily texts, penitential rites, announcements, hymnals, enrollment or remembrance books and special Sacramentaries or Lectionaries.

Due to rising costs on manufacturing, the Original Design binders have been discontinued and none are in stock. As inventory on other items is exhausted it will be removed from the website.

The Christus Design Binder features a two-color ink process along with high quality materials and fine workmanship. The front and back cover designs are debossed and serigraphed on a durable, vinyl-impregnated cloth. The Christus binders are available in Festive Red and Gold, off-white, blue, or purple. Each binder accommodates pages up to 8 1/2" x 11" and has a 1/2" (50-page capacity) three-ring metal mechanism epoxy coated to match the color of the binder. Additional features include three grosgrain ribbon markers, page lifters, and an inside front cover pocket.

Designed for Meyer•Vogelpohl by David Camele.

QuantityOriginal DesignChristus Design
1-4, each
1/2" rings
5-14, each
1/2" rings
15-24, each
1/2" rings
25+, each
1/2" rings
Christus designQty: Color:

Please specify binder design and color when placing your order.


Ceremonial FoldersEach MV ceremonial folder accommodates two 8 1/2" x 11" pages, held in place by corner tabs formed from grosgrain ribbon. This handsome folder is made from the same materials as our popular binders. The folder adds dignity, beauty and distinction to occasions where only one or two sheets of text are needed such as: cantor's chants, graveside services, special prayers, announcements, wedding vows, etc. We're sorry, but green is no longer available.
Designed for Meyer•Vogelpohl by David Camele

QuantityOriginal DesignChristus Design
1-4, each$42.85$44.75
5-14, each$42.25$44.15
15-24, each$41.55$43.45
25+, each$40.75$42.65


Original designQty: Color:
Christus designQty: Color:

Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.