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Katreen Bettencourt Studio Collection

Our weaver and sewer have retired. At this time the items below are in stock in the colors and styles as shown below only. However, we are still taking inquiries. Please call 1-800-543-0264 for more information.

Browse a sampling of our available designs.

For more than a quarter century, Katreen Bettencourt has been one of our most influential liturgical artists, creating vestments of impeccable craftsmanship and richness of color. Her designs, based on the principles of simplicity, beauty and truth, have transformed the field of liturgical vesture. In 1993 Modern Liturgy named her "Most Influential Visual Artist" in their 20th Anniversary Bene Awards. In 1987 she was chosen to weave the vestments for Pope John Paul II's visit to San Francisco.

At the end of the millennium, Ms. Bettencourt announced her pending retirement and offered Meyer•Vogelpohl her legacy of award-winning designs and high standards of excellence. MV gladly accepted her offer and is honored to continue the Bettencourt tradition.

Each hand woven vestment is customized to fit your environment and taste. You can view and choose from a portfolio showing the unlimited color combinations from pure, natural fibers of cotton, wool and silk. Each vestment derives its artistic integrity from the harmony of materials, weaving and design. These designs can be reproduced as shown or used as a stepping stone to build a new design with your personal color selections.

Three weaving techniques are used in the Bettencourt collection. Plain weave is a simple combination of wool and cotton. Double weave adds one silk with wool and cotton allowing some designs to be REVERSIBLE, as shown in KB 190. A weave where two silks, wool and cotton are used constantly, greatly increasing the possibilities of design and color combinations, is called "Polychrome". A woven reflective sheen from the raised silk threads enhances the design and creates a sensation of luminescence.

Artist's statement on handweaving:
"The...reason to make handwoven vestments is to achieve a unique design and a unique fabric. Handweaving can result in a unique vestment that reflect a specific preference and is suited for a specific environment. In handwoven vesture, design and fabric are one."
-- Katreen Bettencourt, "Vestments From The Inside Out." Minstry & Liturgy Magazine, October, 2002


Meyer•Vogelpohl offers a Gift Registry. If you are being ordained or celebrating an ordination anniversary, please contact us for information on this complimentary service.